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B.O.S.S. is an original program for youth that teaches life-changing skills for managing everything from molehills to mountains. 


The program is rooted in mindfulness, yogic wisdom, and key skills adapted from D.B.T. (dialectical behavioral therapy). 


Now with all those big words considered, it is of utmost importance to us that our program is nurturing, engaging, relaxing, and fun - so we include stories, art, bubbles, play, laughter, and puppies (mascot: Cosmo the Cockapoo)!

The end result? A more confident child who believes in their ability to cope with challenge. A more compassionate child who values kindness to self and others. A wiser child who understands what stress is and how to respond to it.

I think Boss really helped our child by explaining about the brain and why he feels what he feels and that it’s not all bad. He still talks about belly breathing. And he LOVES the books. Mostly he loved being able to spend time with [his friends] doing fun activities....


I don’t think he realized how much he was learning through play and stories, which to me, is the best way to learn anything!! And of course Cosmo was a huge bonus! 

Lisa, Chapel Hill


The B.O.S.S. program is rooted in resilience education. Resilience education helps us acquire coping skills, build confidence, and bounce back from challenge and difficulty. 


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