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Q: What is resilience education?

A: Resilience education teaches us how to constructively respond to adversity. Over time, this means we become stronger and more capable ("better off) than we were before.


In a nutshell, resilience education teaches game-changing, life-changing coping skills. 

Q: What makes resilience education superpower training?

While it would be indisputably awesome to be invisible or have custom spider web shooters, effectively managing your thoughts + emotions is the most useful superpower a person can have.

Q: What does resilience education for youth look like?

A: accessible + engaging + creative value-tested strategies in a nurturing, judgment-free environment

At Practice Drishti, we offer developmentally tailored curriculum for youth that teaches skills like mindfulness, distress tolerance, the power of choice, the anatomy of emotion, breath-work and other body-calming techniques. 

Art, story, play, spirited discussion, and yogic practice support learning. Children emerge with confidence, coping strategies, and greater self-awareness.


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Q: Is this (resilience education) a thing? 

A: While not widely available, resilience education is definitely a thing! Want to learn more? Go here.

Q: Who usually teachers resilience education?

A: Resilience education is usually taught by health educators and mental health professionals. Jennifer has a dual master's degree in health education and curriculum design, with 15 years in resilience education.

Q: How do Drishti and resilience connect? 

A: Ever try to solve a problem when scattered? Find something when panicked? When in fight or flight, the nervous system will hyper-focus or start reeling. Hyper-focusing can be helpful temporarily, but not when it turns into anxiety. Reeling triggers even more stress because we feel out of control. By understanding (and practicing!) how to productively focus, we open the door to healthy responses to stress... and our super power, resilience. 

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