Studio Location

The Yoga Shala  

309 W. Weaver St. Suite 300 Second Floor, Carrboro

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Currently, only private youth and adult classes are being offered.  These customized sessions help

students reduce stress, increase well-being, and build resilience


For additional information, check out our youth program page.


Youth Small Group: Engaging programming for building resilience and learning to thrive.


Mind-based instruction; some body/somatic skills.

$50/75-minute session - B.O.S.S. Program, age 8-11

Max B.O.S.S. class size = 5

Island Yoga 

Youth Small Group or Individual Session: Relaxing yoga to down-regulate the nervous system.


Body-based instruction; some cognitive skills

$40/60-minute session, age 10-16

Max Island Yoga class size = 8 


Add-on's: aromatherapy, heated stones

Reduced rate for groups of 3+ children.













To learn more, check out our page on adult classes.

Individual Session

To reserve an individual session, please contact us to book. $60/75 minute session. Sliding scale available.

Group Session

Interested in a group session? Reserve time at Yoga Shala or a location of your choice. Five person minimum, $20/each registration. 


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