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You might have heard the term “Drishti” in a yoga class. It translates to "focus". When we focus on something, whether it's tree pose or problem solving, we can maintain balance and mindful attention. 

These days, our balance and attention are constantly being challenged. That's not just true of adults. Youth today live in an environment of complexity, noise, and distraction. This takes a significant toll on kids' nervous systems and their ability to cope with challenge.

The good news is that kids are naturally resilient - and with effective skills in place, they can become even better at bouncing back from difficulty.


Increasing resilience starts with knowing how to productively focus: how to Practice Drishti.


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Practice Drishti is currently on break as we work to create our new Youth Program. We are excited to announce that when we return, we will offer a unique set of resilience resources that are like nothing else available.


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