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You might have heard the term “Drishti” in a yoga class. It translates to "focus". When we focus on something, whether it's tree pose or problem solving, we can maintain balance and mindful attention. 

These days, our balance and attention are constantly being challenged. That's not just true of adults. Youth today live in an environment of complexity, noise, and distraction. This takes a significant toll on kids' nervous systems and their ability to cope with challenge.

The good news is that kids are naturally resilient - and with effective skills in place, they can become even better at bouncing back from difficulty.


Increasing resilience starts with knowing how to productively focus: how to Practice Drishti.


Learn more about how your child can empower themselves to thrive.

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Practice Drishti private sessions are held in different peaceful spaces around town, including Yoga Shala in downtown Carrboro.  Instruction can also be held in your home or work space if there is an area for quiet practice.

Yoga Shala 

309 W. Weaver St. 

Suite 300 - Second Floor

Carrboro, NC  27510

The Yoga Shala is located in downtown Carrboro, just a block down from Weaver Street Market.

How to Find Us

The Shala is a bit tucked away. Allow extra time to find it on your first visit.  


Yoga Shala is directly behind Orange Literacy (the bright green and red house) in the blue building, just down the gravel driveway. 










There are a few spaces under the blue building,  or you can park in the Municipal lot close to the Shala at 303 Weaver St. (next to Sparrow & Sons). In the evenings, it is low risk to park in unmarked spaces in the lots near the studio (but do not park in the Westown Salon lot, 401 W. Weaver, at any time).

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